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The one-wall or “Pullman kitchen” is ideal for loft or studio spaces because it maximizes a minimal amount of space while providing functional aspects designed to make working in the kitchen as comfortable as possible. Appliances, cabinets and any countertops are placed against a single wall for optimal access while any additional space is used as a dining area. Some modern styles of the one-wall kitchen design implement a small kitchen island that transforms the area into a “Galley” kitchen complete with a walkway corridor, space permitting.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Redesign

The L-shaped kitchen is great for making the best use of limited corner space existing in small to average sized kitchens. Versatile and streamlined, this kitchen layout usually contains countertops attached to adjoining, perpendicular walls that create the “L” shape and helps to reduce traffic jams in the kitchen. With an “L” shaped kitchen, it isn’t possible for people to use it like a thoroughfare because of the logistics. In addition, you can add several work zones and a comfortable dining space as well.

Think about a horseshoe when envisioning the “U” shaped kitchen. Comprised of three walls lined with appliances and cabinets, this kitchen is ideal for those who want to create ample storage areas yet also want to maintain the “free flow” of activity in the kitchen without feeling cramped. Some “horseshoe” kitchens contain a third wall called a peninsula that provides a casual ambiance enhanced by bar-style dining with leather bar stools. Larger kitchens implementing the U design often contain a beautiful, butcher-block kitchen island to facilitate food preparation and storage of bulky kitchen tools that need concealing from view.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Redesign

The traditional “work triangle” kitchen puts the sink, range, and refrigerator in varying arrangements that create the classic triangle many people still prefer over other, more trendy designs. Triangle kitchens usually do not contain islands but when they do, the peninsula should not impede the functionality of the triangle kitchen. In addition, the primary thoroughfare should not go through the triangle so maximize convenience for the person most often in the kitchen. Industry experts recommend that the three sides of this type of kitchen shouldn’t exceed 26 feet, with sides no more than nine feet in length. These dimensions ensure that the work area is ample but not too big. As the main cook in the family, you don’t want to waste energy moving back and forth repeatedly while preparing a meal.

Of course, no one has to adhere to one of these classic high-end kitchen designs. If there is a special design you have in mind, discuss it with your kitchen renovating coordinator to determine whether your plan is feasible as well as functional. Although your original design may be what you have always wanted in a kitchen layout, the actual dimensions, once implemented, may not contribute to the accessibility needed by all family members. Talking to architects, contractors and design specialists who work for a home improvement company may also give you more ideas with which to work and consider


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