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In many homes, the kitchen is the epicenter – the beating heart of the house. In homeowner’s modern, transitional or traditional luxury kitchens is where meals are prepared and eaten, homework is done, dishes are washed, and school lunches are prepared. Some might attest to the fact that it’s possible for the kitchen to be the most frequently traveled room in the entire house. It’s no surprise then that many homeowners put a lot of thought and care into selecting a kitchen floor.

modern kitchen cabinets

Because the kitchen is such a high traffic area in the home, it requires an extremely durable and easy to maintain material be used to make it. After all, the kitchen is not only the place with the most foot traffic – it’s also the place in the home most likely to experience spills. Porcelain is commonly used for kitchen flooring by way of porcelain tiling. Porcelain is extremely versatile while also being extremely durable. Porcelain is also budget friendly. Compared to natural stones, porcelain is considered much more affordable.

Resilience is very important for a luxury kitchen floor, and porcelain is an extremely suitable in that regard. Porcelain tiles are fired at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, making them extremely durable. Therefore they are unlikely to discolor, crack, or chip. Porcelain is also much less likely to scratch than its natural stone counterparts such as slate, travertine, and limestone.

Floor tiling trends have tiles getting larger than they once were. In years past, kitchen tiles were twelve inches, whereas these days they are usually sixteen inches or even larger varieties at eighteen inches, twenty-one inches, and twenty-four inches. The trend in larger tiles is actually backed by technology, which has allowed manufacturers to produce larger tiles without the concern of the tiles warping.

modern kitchen cabinets

When using tiling for the kitchen floor, there will be space between the tiles, which is referred to as the grout. Larger tiles lead to less grout in the flooring, and in smaller American or Italian luxury kitchens, the effect can be quite stunning. Some experts say that epoxy grouts are the best grouts to employ, mainly because epoxy contains grease and contaminant resistant additives. Therefore, the grout is easier to keep clean, minimizing the visual effects of dirt or grime getting in the grout and making the life of the homeowner much easier when it comes to maintenance.

Of course, if a tile is not your thing, there are other options for the kitchen floor as well. Hardwood floors, for example, are an age-old favorite due to their beautiful appearance. Did you know that hardwood is also a favorite for people who do a lot of standing on a particular surface because they are softer than tilling and therefore provide better support to the feet and legs? Hardwood is also a favorite for those who have hardwood in other rooms, as it allows for a seamless visual from room to room.

When weighing the options for your high-end kitchen, style, budget, and long-term success are the most important elements to consider.


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Dmitri B. - August 2019