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The days of linoleum tiling being the only choice for luxury kitchens have long past. Today’s homeowners are embracing a wide range of options for the kitchen floor, embracing modern styles and fashionable appearances. So, what are kitchen floors made of these days? Below are a variety of choices that homeowners are drawn to.

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Though hardwood was once only used in bedrooms and living rooms, it has found its way into the kitchen in recent years. Many homeowners are now using wood in the kitchen. Why the shift? Kitchens are now thought of even more as the heart of the home than they were before. Many kitchens are part of an open floor plan and are connected with the living room, and many families spend a great deal of time in the kitchen cooking, eating, doing homework, and working on the computer – hence the new kitchen layouts. As the kitchen has become a more important space in the home, it’s also become a space that homeowners desire to feel is beautiful and seamlessly part of the rest of the home.

Traditional hardwood floors do require some maintenance. Hardwood flooring is typically finished with oil and wax, which creates a weathered, antiqued appearance. Though this is fine for a less busy area, in the custom kitchen, this would require frequent waxing. Instead, many homeowners who plan to use hardwood in the kitchen use hardwood that has been pre-treated with a sealer such as polyurethane. Floors that are pre-sealed don’t require the waxing that an untreated hardwood floor does, making maintenance a lot easier.

modern kitchen cabinets

Rubber Flooring

For the homeowner who embraces a more industrial kitchen, rubber flooring, which has been a favorite for chefs for decades, is a unique and wonderful option. Rubber flooring is easier on the feet and back, which is why it’s used in kitchens where chefs stand for sixty or more hours a week. For the homeowner who spends a great deal of time in the kitchen, a rubber floor is a great idea. Rubber flooring is very easy to maintain by simple sweeping and mopping, and it’s able to withstand a great deal of foot traffic. And some good news? Rubber flooring is environmentally friendly – it’s produced out of old rubber tires!

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Many people don’t realize that brick is actually a flooring option, and it can do a great deal of good in your American or Italian high-end kitchen. Brick flooring pavers offer a warm, inviting, timeless look in the kitchen that is easy to maintain. Brick is a unique twist on traditional tiling, and if the space fits it, it can be an excellent option for many different homes.

Brick, rubber, and wood flooring offer a lot of variety when it comes to color and style, making them even more attractive to homeowners looking for new and exciting kitchen flooring solutions. For example, wood comes in hard dark woods or light woods such as bamboo, allowing one to really evaluate what would best complement the kitchen itself before installing the actual flooring.


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