modern kitchen cabinets


Contemporary kitchen design has never been as popular as it is at the present. Therefore, many trends are emerging within the realm of contemporary kitchen design. From cabinetry to finishes and everything in between, below are some of the trends that are making a splash in current contemporary design.

modern kitchen cabinets

1. Lighting

Although past trends favored the installation of pendant lighting over an island or another freestanding piece in the luxury kitchen, this trend is slowly fading away. A major trend in design now is to make the kitchen feel as though it is a seamless addition to a fluid home. Often, rather than being its own private room, the kitchen is now a more open space. Therefore, designers are tending to shy away from pendant lighting over the island, which draws attention to the island. Instead, designers are drawn to lighting that promotes fluidity between the kitchen and the spaces surrounding it.

2. Larger Islands

Although designers may be shying away from lighting design that draws all of the attention to the island, they are becoming more and more attracted to the idea of a large multi-functional kitchen island. Today’s contemporary kitchen islands are large enough that they may serve as an eating space, a workspace, and sometimes even a cooking space. This allows for multiple family members to use the island at once and provides an alternative to the typical kitchen table.

modern kitchen cabinets

3. Minimalistic Cabinetry

Sleek lines and a modern appearance typically characterize contemporary Italian kitchen design. Cabinetry hugely impacts this characterization. Rather than older, mid-toned, detailed cabinetry, contemporary designers are drawn to bright whites or dark browns and blacks.

4. Minimalistic Countertops

Similar to trends in cabinetry in contemporary design, countertops also are going monochromatic. Rather than traditional and speckled materials like granite, designers are instead drawn to light colored marble and Quartz countertops. In the instance that granite is utilized, it is flamed or honed rather than its traditional polished treatment.

5. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances have always been a staple of modern design, and current contemporary design trends are no different. Stainless steel finishes are also becoming more ubiquitous in contemporary design. In cooperation with minimalistic cabinetry and countertop design, stainless steel finishes give an almost industrial look to the kitchen.

6. Minimalistic Hardware for Cabinetry

Finger pulls for drawers or cabinets are gaining steam, leaving decorative pulls behind. The visual achieved is a less cluttered, more streamlined look.

modern kitchen cabinets

7. Integration

Appliances and sinks are both being worked directly into contemporary designs. Countertops and islands are featuring stovetop ranges and sinks, and refrigeration units inside drawers are becoming increasingly popular as well.

8. Horizontal Eye Lines

Contemporary design is often described as linear and almost always features sleek lines. Although vertical lines were once the norm, horizontal lines are now becoming more popular. This helps to promote the current trend of creating fluidity between the kitchen space and the rest of the home by visually extending the impact of the kitchen area. Read more about this topic in our online luxury kitchen blog.


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