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For many people, the kitchen plays multiple important roles in the life of the family. The luxury kitchen is more than just a place to prepare food. For many, it is the epicenter of activity. The kitchen is often where the kids do homework, where Mom and Dad visit over a glass of wine, and where guests gather before a dinner party. Increasingly, the kitchen is becoming less of a behind-the-scenes type space, where food is prepared and then brought to a dining room. Instead, many families are now dining right in the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Since the kitchen is such an important space, we need to give importance to its design. The overall design of your American or Italian high-end kitchen will largely dictate how the space is used, how people feel when they are in the kitchen, and what type of mood settles over a crowd at a party held in the kitchen.

Did you know that some colors stimulate hunger, while others decrease it? Below is some information on colors and their relationship to important environmental issues in the kitchen.


Do you want to create a space that increases appetite? Read that before thinking of the style and color of your traditional or modern luxury kitchen. If so, you are going to want to embrace a warm color palette. Reds, oranges, and yellows are all known to stimulate hunger in humans. This may be why those golden arches at McDonalds that we all know and love so well are accompanied with red signage! Red, yellow, and orange is a great color palette if you want to create a warm space that inspires hunger in your family and guests.

On the flip side, a cooler color scheme will decrease hunger. Blues, violets, and indigos are known to decrease hunger in humans. So, if you want people to hang out in the kitchen but not necessarily be driven to eat everything in sight, this cool color palette may be your go-to.

Green, meanwhile, is somewhere right in the middle. Green is known to instill balance in humans, meaning they won’t get hungry or lose their appetites.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets


In the same way that colors can change the level of hunger someone experiences, they can also affect someone’s mood. This is prevalent in rooms outside of the kitchen, of course, but nevertheless – the effects will be just as common in the luxury kitchen as they will be in another space.

Warm color palettes – reds, oranges, and yellows, are known to be stimulating colors. So, if you often eat breakfast in the kitchen, you may want to incorporate these colors to give your mood a boost in the morning (not to mention, to create a little appetite).

Meanwhile, cool palettes – blues and indigos, create a calming effect. Greens and violets are known to create balance while also creating an air of relaxation. Therefore, if you want the kitchen to be a particularly tranquil place, incorporating these colors into your overall design plan could be very beneficial.

Experts say that it’s a good idea to strike a nice balance of stimulating and relaxing colors, thus allowing people to kick back while remaining engaged


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