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It has long been a belief amongst designers and homeowners alike that luxury kitchen cabinetry largely defines the tone and overall look of the room at large. Cabinets are the most dominant feature of a kitchen due to the amount of space they take up in the room, their functionality, and the fact that their shape and placement largely determines how the space feels.

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When it comes to cabinetry, there are several considerations to take into account. The size and style of the cabinetry will obviously be deciding factors in what cabinetry is chosen. So too will the color of the cabinetry, which is an often overlooked but incredibly important aspect of choosing the right cabinets for a kitchen space. Depending on your style preferences, you may also want to take into consideration the overall style of your home. If a particular wood is used in other parts of the home, it may be nice to stick with the same variety and tone of wood in the kitchen. Again, harmony is created through cohesiveness across spaces, and tying your kitchen into the rest of the home may help to do this.

As with any addition to the kitchen space, the overall style of the kitchen must be considered when choosing a color for the kitchen cabinets. Traditional kitchens with ultra-modern color schemes such as stark grays and reds will feel off. Similarly, a modern luxury kitchen with walnut cabinets may feel strange. Creating a harmonious kitchen is about discovering a cohesive theme in the design.

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When considering what color will be best for a particular space, it is also important to consider the overall size of the space. For example, dark colors tend to make a space feel smaller. Therefore, a small kitchen space would not benefit from dark colors, which would only make the space feel smaller than it already is. Logically then light colors will make a space feel more expansive, and so it is suitable for a small space and perhaps not for a larger space. If you would like to achieve an effect of making a large room feel smaller or a small room feel larger, playing with light and dark tones may be a good idea. Otherwise, sticking with a medium-range tone is a safe bet.

In addition to size, lighting will be a factor in determining which color scheme is best for a kitchen. If the space is small and dark, dark cabinets will only make that issue worse. Although a bright kitchen can utilize any color choice, a dark space will want to shy away from dark cabinetry and instead lean toward lighter varieties.

Lastly, it is important to consider how long you plan on staying in your current home, and whether the color of the cabinets that you choose could affect the price of your home. If you choose something very specific that does not match the rest of the home, a potential buyer may see the kitchen as something that he or she would have to replace in order to enjoy living in the home. This can be a major issue for potential buyers, so it should be considered when you are making your decision.


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