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Are people still remodeling their kitchens just to improve the ability to sell their home within six months to a year? Currently, initiating a kitchen renovation is the best kind of investment for homeowners to choose so that a high rate of return is almost guaranteed. However, surveys sent to homeowners regarding home improvement choices have discovered that more and more families – especially those with two or more children – are opting to invest in a kitchen renovation in New Jersey that suits their needs rather than just for increasing the resale value of their home.

contemporary kitchen

The kitchen is no longer the isolated area seen in old TV shows from the decades ago where the only thing that happened in the kitchen was cooking, eating meals and doing the dishes. Now one of the most occupied and busy places in a home, the luxury kitchen is generally viewed as a place to congregate, socialize, do homework or surf the Internet using WiFi. In general, the kitchen is now a place where anyone can get in anybody’s way who may be trying to cook something in the microwave, wash the dog in the sink or use the kitchen floor as an ersatz hockey rink.

Regarding kitchen renovation, families with several children say that because of their children and the way the kitchen is used as a room to socialize and perform “non-kitchen” activities, they are more likely to employ a professional kitchen architect/designer when remodeling their kitchen. They also assert they would spend more money on improving the functionality and kid-friendliness of their kitchens because it would naturally enhance the overall quality of their lives in the home. Additionally, those families that had experienced a kitchen remodeling project in the past say that if they could do the project over again, they would definitely spend more on the job, especially in the area of making it more accessible to children.

contemporary kitchen

The top concern of families with children under six years old is safety. For families with children between six and 12 years old, they want their kitchen designers to create a place where kids can work or play while parents are cooking meals in the kitchen. Of course, as kids mature and get bigger, homeowners would like kitchen remodeling projects to incorporate more space and fewer safety measures that may take up space since safety would no longer be a number one priority.

To satisfy the desires of families wanting new kitchens, professional kitchen designers are integrating areas apart from the stove so that children can remain safely in the kitchen while a parent cooks. Implementing small, “away” environments for kids to do their homework in the kitchen allows families to avoid isolating in their rooms during the evening hours. Kitchen islands are also great additions for families with children who are big enough to help prepare a meal but need constant supervision. With the ability for a family to gather around an island placed strategically in the middle of the kitchen, everybody’s safety is guaranteed and family time is enhanced as well.


“We just completed our kitchen renovation and
the outcome is absolutely stunning!”

Dmitri B. - August 2019