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As many people know, in recent years, the green movement – a motion to embody practices that help, not hinder, the environment – has gained a great deal of steam in the United States and worldwide. As we continue to see the effects of our behaviors on the environment unfold in new and terrifying ways, be it weather or deteriorating crops, it’s a good time to be taking a step back and to evaluate our actions. If we can’t reverse what we have done to the environment, we can at least lessen our impact moving forward with responsible purchases and practices.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Of course, we also live in a world where we have become accustomed to certain luxuries, and where design is as cutting edge as ever due to the prevalence of technologies that allow us to embrace intricate styles. The connectivity that the internet has bred in all of us has lead to a lifestyle that is full of a desire to be as unique, beautiful, and well-styled as possible. So, while we want to act responsibly and be part of the green movement, we aren’t exactly ready to abandon our lifestyles and go to live in tiny huts made of clay.

For this reason, many kitchen designers and kitchen material developers are embracing the green movement in their work, producing beautiful results while also embodying a green spirit. Below, you may find information about some of the materials and products that are being incorporated into modern kitchen design that are both responsible and beautiful.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Natural Fabrics:

Natural cotton is a much more economically friendly choice than synthetic fabrics. Synthetics are manufactured using a lot of harmful chemicals, which undoubtedly have a negative impact on our environment. Natural cotton can be used in towels, curtains, and even throw rugs.


Cork, which is derived from the bark of a tree, is a quickly emerging material in luxury kitchen design. Cork is easy to replace and is therefore ideal for kitchens. It is used on several surfaces, including the kitchen floor, where it provides the buoyancy that has long been desired by chefs.


Bamboo is often incorporated in Asian-inspired designs and is also gaining steam in western designs as well. Bamboo, which is a stem-like tree, is a beautiful addition to the kitchen and can be used in cabinets, flooring, and instruments like cutting boards and utensils.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Fluorescent Lighting:

Fluorescent lights use clean energy and provide the bright lighting that many desire in the kitchen space. The good news for responsible consumption is that fluorescent lights also use up to 50% less energy than other lighting options.

Recycled Stone-Chipped Countertops:

Granite has long been a favorite for countertops. However, granite is not a renewable source, and many who go green feel that using granite is creating a problem by using a source that will eventually run out. Recycled stone-chipped countertops are an excellent alternative to granite, and they have a similar appearance to it, too!


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