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All high-end kitchen cabinets fall into one of three categories:

Stock: cabinets that are made to meet average specifications that fit most kitchens
Semi-stock: cabinets that are made to meet average specifications that fit most kitchens but that do offer a range of options by of sizing and placement
Custom: cabinets that are custom built to the specifications of a client’s kitchen

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In the opinion of most kitchen designers, custom cabinets are ultimately the best option. What’s so great about custom cabinetry? Below are some of the benefits to working with custom cabinetry over stock or semi-stock cabinets.


Custom cabinets are constructed when ordered and are typically hand-crafted. Stock cabinets, on the other hand, are mass produced. Because stock cabinets are considered the more budget-friendly option when it comes to cabinetry, they are made of materials that are lesser in quality than those used in custom cabinets. Therefore, although custom cabinets do cost more upfront, they may be a more solid long term investment.


Custom cabinets are built to your specifications, which means we look at the cabinet sizing, so you’ll never have a cabinet that doesn’t quite fit in the space. In stock and semi-stock cabinets, if a piece doesn’t quite fit in your kitchen, a placeholder may be worked into the overall cabinet design process. That placeholder will have the appearance of being a cabinet but will actually be a facade. With custom cabinetry, you will get cabinets that are built for your space, meaning that no space will be wasted.

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Custom Means Custom

What do you need for your specific cooking and kitchen needs? Everyone’s different, and one of the best places in the home to create custom features is the kitchen. Some custom features might include:

  • Particularly deep cabinet
  • Spice rack drawers
  • Drawers to hold plates, bowls, and glasses
  • Easy to reach cabinets
  • Custom-built pantry areas

Professional Opinions

If you’ve made the decision to purchase custom kitchen cabinetry, you’ll be working with a kitchen designer to create the cabinets to fit your specifications. Depending on the company you work with, this will mean an intensive design process that will take the measurements and specifications of your kitchen into account. This means that you’ll have a professional who is walking you through the process, making sure that you’re making the best decisions possible for your kitchen. A professionally designed kitchen is a huge benefit as far as home value.

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The truth is, when it comes down to it, custom cabinetry is just better made and will have a better overall appearance than stock cabinetry. Installing custom cabinetry will allow you to create more efficiency in the luxury kitchen space, but it will also do wonders for the overall design appearance of the space. Your kitchen will be beautiful and will fit your specific needs, which will make this all-important room of the house one of your favorite rooms to be in. From cooking meals to entertaining guests, we all know how important a beautiful and functional kitchen is.


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