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The functionality and appearance of the kitchen greatly impact the value of a home. In fact, a kitchen update or redesign is one of the top ways to add to the overall value of your home. However, kitchen projects come with a lot of choices, particularly when it comes to cabinetry. It’s a good idea to have some knowledge of typical styles, trends, and functions before you embark upon a kitchen revamp.

Modern kitchen cabinets

In luxury kitchen cabinetry, there are two major trends: traditional and contemporary kitchen design. Front-facing designs, intricate hand-carved details, recessed doors, and crown molding characterize traditional cabinetry. Many people think of traditional cabinetry as giving the kitchen a ‘warm’ feeling. Contemporary cabinetry, conversely, is characterized by a sleek, streamlined, modern look with straight lines. Contemporary designs are thought of as streamlined, highly functional, and ultra modern. Some may even refer to this look as ‘futuristic’.

Contemporary cabinet design is often linked to European design, and will often be referred to by designers simply as European-inspired design. Much of this comparison is in the construction of contemporary designs. Traditional cabinetry, often made in the United States, features a lot of texture through using face frame cabinetry. Such styles often allow for space between cabinets and drawers as part of the design. European designs tend to embrace faceless cabinetry. In its construction, faceless cabinetry has an appearance that is smooth and uniform. European designs also shy away from space between cabinets and drawers, thus creating a very linear and cohesive appearance.

modern kitchen cabinets

With their linear designs and increased use of space, European and more specifically Italian kitchen designs are by and large lauded as highly functional. In fact, some would argue that European design puts functionality over artfulness, but this really isn’t true. Although many are quick to jump to referring to traditional cabinetry as warm and contemporary cabinetry as cold or stark, that evaluation is not necessarily true. Much of the perceived warmth of a design comes from the layout of the cabinetry within the kitchen. Working with a designer who understands kitchen ergonomics means having a design created that is both functional and appealing to the eye.

Contemporary or European designs are created to be highly functional and efficient while also maintaining a stunning visual appearance. Because they are so artful in their design, working with a kitchen designer is a great way to ensure that the installation of these modern cabinets will truly enhance the kitchen space. If you are considering a modern kitchen, it is a good idea to also consider how it will fit into the rest of your home. Contemporary and modern spaces are best when paired with other contemporary and modern spaces. A designer can work with you to make sure that you are picking colors, styles, and particular cabinets that will complement your existing space.


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