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Backsplash has become increasingly popular in modern high-end kitchen designs, and for good reason. Backsplash allows for creativity and artful design. It is the element of a kitchen redesign that will pop visually, and in many cases it brings all of the other elements in the kitchen together.

NJ Kitchen Showroom - Modiani

There are many trends emerging in backsplashes at present. Tiles meant to replicate tiles from the New York City subway station – aptly called subway tiles – remain popular and have for years. Subway tiles have traditionally been one size and have been placed horizontally. However, designers with a more modern sense of style are putting a spin on tile placement, alternating size and shape of the tiles and running them vertically in some instances. Many homeowners are also discovering a love for glass in backsplashes, using one large piece of glass instead of many smaller tiles. The result is a seamless look that is contemporary and fresh.

Although backsplash tiling was once relegated to the space between the counter and the cabinet, visions are expanding on the area, too. Many American and Italian kitchen designers are now placing backsplash from a counter all the way up the ceiling, creating perceived height in the space.

Of course, there are many different types of backsplashes available on today’s market, and so before installing one, a homeowner must fully consider all of the available options. Natural-stone backsplashes, which are beautiful but porous, could prove hard to clean, so for a family that is often cooking deep red tomato sauces or frying in oil, they’re an option that may be best avoided. Even honed natural-stone backsplashes such as those made of marble, limestone, or slate can be troublesome, as they stain easily from contact with grease. Ceramic, porcelain, and glass are all easy to clean, so they may be a better option for a family prone to cooking large meals.

Creative luxury kitchen solutions also exist in different types of materials. For example, magnetic tiling creates the possibility for hanging knives and other flat metal items right from the backsplash. For a splash of elegance, some homeowners choose a mirrored backsplash, which gives off the appearance of a bigger kitchen and also reflects light nicely. Magnetic and mirrored backsplashes are great for small kitchens, magnetic because it makes use of space and mirrored because it gives off the appearance of more space.

On the flip side, those who are tasked with creating harmony in a big modern or traditional luxury kitchen may shy away from busy patterns such as mosaics, as they may make the space feel chaotic. Simple tiling is best in large spaces. Neutral colors also are encouraged in such spaces.

Of course, as with any project that involves something new for the home, the price is to be considered. Depending on the materials chosen, the price may vary anywhere from $2 per foot to $100 per foot, which is, of course, a wide range. So, depending on the style, needs, and desires of the homeowner, the budget for such a project may be very different.


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