How To Work With Kitchen Contractors

Kitchen remodeling or updating is one of the most effective ways to bring some new life into a home. The most common forms of kitchen remodeling are replacing, resurfacing and refinishing kitchen cabinets, as well as replacing or updating the countertop. For many homeowners, either of these projects may require bringing in a kitchen designer and possibly even a kitchen contractor for bigger, more complex interior design projects. However, if you haven’t worked with contractors in a while or if this is your first time hiring kitchen contractors, make sure to get a good understanding of the whole process first.

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Finding Kitchen Contractors

Finding the right contractor for your kitchen and interior remodel may be the most important aspect of the entire remodel process. A good contractor will see your project through from start to finish, will help you find the best kitchen designer and stick with your budget. When you begin the process of looking for a kitchen contractor, it is a great idea to ask family and friends for referrals. You should look for someone you can trust and who will do a great job for you. If you don’t know anyone who has recently worked with someone on a home renovation project, you can always reach out to Modiani Kitchens for a recommendation or search online for reputable contractors in your area.

Kitchen Contractor Certifications

For all relevant kitchen contractors, you have found, check which certifications and licenses they hold, in which states they are accredited and if they belong to any professional association. Examples of reputable organizations would be the NKBA, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, or the NAHB, the National Association of Homebuilders. These two associations certify contractors based on their experience and expertise, so make sure to look up their qualifications and certifications. You can also ask for professional references. Once the references have been checked, you can move forward with everything and also get an agreement in writing. Understand exactly what your expectations of him and the job are. Transparency and clarity are the keys to a successful work relationship.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Contractor

The chances are high that after asking for referrals, speaking to our designers at our Modiani Kitchens showroom and doing your research, you will be able to narrow your kitchen contractor search down to a couple of candidates. At this point, it is time to meet each candidate and get a sense of his or her professional attitude, past work experience and communication skills. We recommend interviewing more than one candidate, but not more than three. If you interview too many, you might lose sight of the individual qualities, so interviewing two to three candidates will allow you to make a decent, profound decision.

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Collaborating With Kitchen Contractors

Here are some tips and tricks on how to best work with kitchen contractors:

  • Ask Questions Upfront:
    Depending on the type of job and the work required, your contractor may need to use noxious chemicals or loud tools. Make sure to talk candidly with your contractor, to ask them as well as your kitchen designer the right kitchen design questions as well as to discuss expectations. On work intense days, you may want to be out of the house. Understanding what is ahead will help you a lot during your remodel.
  • Communicate successfully:
    Communication is key in any scenario where one person is completing work for someone else. When it comes to your home, chances are high that you have a very specific vision in mind, and that feel emotionally attached to a positive project outcome. Communicating openly with your kitchen contractor or kitchen design showroom about what you hope to see as an outcome, make sure to use the right kitchen terms and go through all of your kitchen remodel considerations.
  • Be Hospitable:
    It can be a great advantage to treat your contractor similar to a guest. After all, whilst you are paying for your kitchen contractor, he or she is still a type of guest in your home. Letting him or her know where the bathroom is and providing soft drinks or snacks is a nice way of expressing that you appreciate the hard work they do.
  • Be Prepared to Accommodate the Work:
    Kitchen remodels usually don’t take over your entire home, but they do take over a significant part of it. Before your project begins, try to accommodate the idea of giving your kitchen contractor enough space to do the construction work.
  • Help whenever you can:
    Kitchen contractors usually arrive with their own tools and are very self-sufficient. However, if your contractor needs something simple, like a sludge hammer, a washcloth or a drop cloth for the furniture, be open and willing to help whenever you can. Otherwise, some unnecessary stress may be caused between you and your contractor.


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